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Spring Cleaning Ideas + Modern Home Decor Inspiration to Reinvigorate your Home in 2021

Spring Cleaning Ideas + Modern Home Decor Inspiration to Reinvigorate your Home in 2021

Spring brings with it the renewal of hope—snow is melting, plants are growing, and animals are emerging from hibernation. With this annual changing of the season, we emerge from our own hibernation, and, like chipmunks coming out of their homes, it is time to push out the old leaves and tidy our burrows, to refresh our homes and begin the cycle again. But where do you begin? After all, unlike chipmunks, our homes are a bit more complex and typically have more items to tidy.

There are many ways to tackle the spring cleaning process, including:

  • Tidying room-by-room
  • Starting from the outside (such as your entryway or mudroom) and working your way inward
  • Starting from the top and working your way down
  • Working task-by-task (such as decluttering every room, then dusting every room, then vacuuming, etc.)

The process can take a day or be spread out over several weekends, and you can clean as thoroughly or as little as you’d like. Regardless of whether you’re going for a quick tidy or a full-on declutter and replacement of outdated or worn-down furniture, there are some key areas you should try to address during the cleaning process:

Ceiling fixtures

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Get the Look: Fly 3-Arm Pendant | Sliver Dining Chair

Even if it’s hard to see (and easy to put out of your mind), your ceiling fixtures are accumulating dust. This can create an unpleasant spring shower when you turn your fans on for the first time and piles of dust rain down on you. Avoid the dust storm by getting out your telescoping duster or a step ladder and cleaning your ceiling fans and lamps.

While you’re up there, dust the ceiling corners and wipe down the walls—you’d be surprised how dusty they can get. In the kitchen or kitchen-adjacent rooms, you may also want to use a degreasing cleaner in the event of any build-up from cooking.

TIDYING TIP: Before you clean and vacuum any other area of your home, start with your ceiling fixtures. There is no point in vacuuming a room before you clean off the ceiling fixtures because you will just have to vacuum again after you’ve cleaned the dusted them.

Ready for an upgrade? Here are some of our favourite warm modern ceiling fixtures:

Shop our collection of modern pendants

Entryway storage

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Get the Look: Perryton Pendant | Nanna Table Lamp

Is there anywhere in your home that’s more likely to get messy than your entryway? You’re tired at the end of the workday, your arms are full of grocery bags or children and children’s backpacks, you throw off your coat and boots (and hats and mitts and toques in the winter), drop your bags, keys, and mail—hopefully not your children—and maybe collapse on the couch

Do you return to tidy the entryway? Maybe! But sometimes you’re not up for it, and that’s okay—until a family member or neighbour drops by and sees the chaos.

The key here is to make entering and unloading an easier, more streamlined process. You should have a storage system set up so that there is a place to put every item you have to shed as you walk in the door and will need to grab on your way out again, including:

  • Shoes
  • Keys
  • Coats
  • Outdoor accessories (hats, mitts, umbrellas, sunglasses, etc.)
  • Mail
  • Purse/wallet
  • School bags
  • Baby bags
  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Dog leashes

If you need to, label their spots to ensure they end up in the same place every time.

Here are some of our favourite entryway storage solutions:

Shop our collection of modern storage furniture


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Get the Look: Anders Storage Cabinet | Chammy Throw

If it has been a while since you’ve done it, take everything off your shelves and clean each item individually, and then clean the shelf itself. First vacuum them gently to remove excess dust, then wipe them down with a cloth. You can also polish them using an appropriate cleaning product for the material (metal, glass, or wood cleaner, for example). Wipe down the items you have taken off before replacing them.

This is also the perfect time to assess whether you have sufficient shelf storage for your belongings. If you don’t have enough shelf space, declutter and donate your belongings or upgrade your shelving situation.

Shop our collection of modern shelving

Kitchen appliances and linens

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Get the Look: Stella 3-Light Semi Flush Mount | Stella Semi Flush Mount | Orleans Lamp

Spring is the perfect time to get around to all those kitchen chores that you’ve been avoiding. Now that you can open the windows for ventilation without turning into an icicle, it’s time to clean your oven, wipe down your appliances, and check off any other tasks that require heavy duty cleaners. It’s also a good time to clean your kitchen windows and polish metal hardware.

After you’ve finished cleaning your appliances and cabinetry, wash and pack away your winter linens (or toss them) and introduce some spring-themed cloths like these:

Shop our collection of modern kitchen accessories

Pillows, throws, and fabric-clad furniture

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Get the Look: Mitchell Ottoman | Adalia Sofa | Azilal Rug | Nanna Table Lamp | Brynjar Mirror | Jazz Blanket | Brooke Lumbar Pillow | Cora Pillow

Often overlooked when it comes to spring cleaning, soft furniture can easily disguise dirt and may only get spot-cleaned when there’s a spill. At least once a year, you should take couch cushions, window drapes, throw pillows, and blankets outside and gently beat them by hand to remove dust. After removing the dust, throw anything machine washable, such as blankets, drapes, pillow- and couch-cushion covers, into the washing machine before returning them to their place.

While your washables are in the machine, thoroughly vacuum soft furniture, such as couches, couch cushions, and chairs, and wipe down leather or synthetic fabrics.

If your couch is past its prime, upgrade to one of our favourite family-friendly modern sofas:

Shop our collection of modern throw pillows

Beds & bed linens

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Get the Look: Pure Linen Pillowcase in Cedar | Pure Linen Pillowcase in Pinstripe | Pure Linen Sheet Set in Natural

Vacuum your mattress and, if it is covered with fabric, your bed frame. Trust us—unless it’s brand new, it needs it. You will be surprised (and possibly horrified) by how much dust and debris gets sucked out. For an extra deep clean, sprinkle baking soda on the surface of your stripped mattress and leave it for an hour before vacuuming. This helps to remove scents and can remove stains if you mix it into a paste before application (check out The Spruce for more details).

If you have bed linens made out of different materials for different seasons, now is the time to change them over. Wash and pack away your flannel sheets, wool blankets and extra thick duvets, and break out some nice linen and cotton sheets, a medium- or light-weight duvet, and perhaps a thin quilt. The temperature is changing and, for maximum comfort and sleep-ability, so should your bedding. If your sheets are looking worse for wear, it might be time to treat yourself to some new luxurious linens:

Shop our collection of modern bedding

Wood, metal, stone, and plastic furniture

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Get the Look: Seville Arm Chair | Mikado Round Dining Table | Alben Dining Chair

With your fabrics taken care of, wipe down your remaining furniture with a soft, damp cloth. One it has been cleaned, apply the appropriate treatment:

  • Wood - After gently cleaning the wood, apply a wood wax or polish. Let it dry before buffing it with a dry cloth.
  • Metal - Apply a specialized metal polish that doesn’t contain any abrasives with a soft cloth to keep metallic pieces looking their best and prevent scratches that can lead to rusting.
  • Plastic - Spray with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe clean. If it is clear plastic and it has become foggy looking, you can use plastic polish to return it to its former glory.
  • Stone - Care depends on the type of stone it is made up of. Prevention is the key to making these pieces last, so take care to use coasters and always act quickly to mop up spills and clean off pen marks or other damage. A good general rule is to avoid acidic and harsh cleaners. If it is an especially prized piece, consider having it resealed after a few years.

Rugs, carpets, and floors

Rugs and carpets only need to be thoroughly cleaned every 4-5 years. Over cleaning can cause damage, so if it has not been 4-5 years since you got the carpet or since you last cleaned it, stick to vacuuming and spot cleaning to ensure its longevity.

TIDYING TIP: While you can rent special equipment to clean rugs and carpets in your home, antique, Persian, and Oriental rugs, as well as rugs without waterproof backings are too delicate or difficult to clean to attempt on your own. For these types of rugs, you should invest in a professional cleaning.

Is your rug looking a little ratty? If it’s worn-down and fraying around the edges, you may want to start searching for a replacement:

Shop our collection of modern rugs

Before returning the rugs to their rightful position, vacuum, wash, and then wax or treat your floors. Special polishes can be used to reinvigorate linoleum floors, and stone and tile can be treated with a material-specific paste or liquid wax.

Sparkling clean for spring

While the weather is still hit-or-miss and perhaps your spring allergies haven’t kicked in yet, now is the time to tackle your spring cleaning before the pull to get outdoors is too strong. You will thank yourself when your home is refreshed and you’re not coming in from that beautiful summer day to a dingy house that still feels like winter inside.

Pay particular attention to these areas:

  • Ceiling fixtures
  • Entryway storage
  • Shelving
  • Kitchen appliances and linens
  • Pillows, throws, and fabric-clad furniture
  • Beds and bed linens
  • Wood, metal, plastic, and stone furniture
  • Rugs, carpets, and floors

When cleaning your home this spring, you may feel like it’s time to introduce some fresh pieces into your space. Browse our collection to find some new fixtures and furniture for your home.

Shop our complete collection of modern home furniture and decor

Join us in welcoming spring with a sale! Use code "SPRING15" for 15% off storewide until March 18-24, 2021.

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5 Simple Lighting Design Tips to Brighten Up Any Space

5 Simple Lighting Design Tips to Brighten Up Any Space

Lighting is a powerful tool when it comes to home decor. It can be used to make your room appear bigger and more spacious, smaller and cozier, and even calmer or more refreshing.

But it’s not just the quality of light that can alter the look and feel of a room—the light fixture itself can have a major impact on how you feel in a space. All it takes is switching out a lamp, bringing a new one in, or changing your light bulbs to make a noticeable difference in your home decor.

If you are new to using light for anything other than seeing what you’re doing, you may not know where to start when it comes to choosing the right fixture or light bulb. Don’t worry—creating a pleasing and practical lighting design is easier than you might think.

To help light your way, we’re sharing 5 simple lighting design tips you can use in any space, along with some of our favourite warm modern inspiration from Instagram.

1. Layer your lighting

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Get the Look: Irving 13" Pendant | Irving 16" Pendant | Irving 22" Pendant | Daniel Bar/Counter Stool

If you’re not familiar with the concept of layering lighting, it may help to think of a room like a three layer cake. The base layer is general or ambient lighting, which provides a general level of light to the room so you can easily walk around and see what you are doing. It sets the tone and lends ambience to the room, typically using light sources like flush mounts and pendants, wall lights, and floor lamps.

Shop our collection of modern pendants

The next layer consists of task lighting. Task lighting is used in places that require a brighter light source, such as reading nooks, work desks, and food prep areas in kitchens. Light fixtures that are typically used for task lighting include table lamps, desk lamps, under cabinet lighting, wall sconces (especially if they are directional), and pendants.

Shop our collection of modern desk lamps

The top layer of the lighting cake is accent lighting. Accent lighting is primarily decorative, such as a statement chandelier or pendant lamp, but it can also be used to highlight key features of your home, such as architectural details, artwork, and other wall decor. Light fixtures that act as accent lighting are most commonly pendants, wall sconces, and directional ceiling lamps.

Shop our collection of modern wall sconces

2. Proper pendant placement

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Get the Look: Antonio Pendant | Enkel LED Pendant in Vintage Brass | Kiki Pendant in Cream | Kiki Pendant in Mint | Kiki Pendant in Navy

Light fixtures that hang, such as pendants, are versatile lamps that can be used in a number of settings.

For low ceilings or low-hanging pendants, these fixtures are best utilized over islands, tables, desks, and counters, where there is little risk of someone hitting their head. To save space on your bedside table, for example, you could consider using a pendant lamp instead of a table lamp.

If you have higher ceilings or a pendant lamp with an adjustable cord length, you aren’t as limited by location.

DESIGN TIP: If you are selecting an exposed bulb fixture for your pendant lamps (or any fixture!), you’ll want to use a light bulb that offers some visual appeal. We recommend these aesthetically-pleasing options:

  • LED or carbon filament (AKA Edison) light bulbs - These are the old fashioned-looking light bulbs you’ve likely seen in restaurants and cafes. They come with a unique filament design that is usually curly, looped, or criss-crossed, and are available in a wide range of shapes including standard, globe, pear, and tube.
  • Silver tipped or silver bowl light bulbs - These light bulbs are made of clear or frosted glass near the base and have an opaque silver chrome (or sometimes gold, copper, or black) “bowl” near the top. Their dipped-in-silver look makes them ideal for use in situations where you want an exposed light bulb without any worry about glare.
  • Mercury Glass and String Light light bulbs - Commonly used for holiday decor, these light bulbs are also available in standard fitting sizes and provide some very decorative, relaxing lighting.
  • 3. Choose the right light fixture style

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    Get the Look: Irving 13" Pendant | Irving 16" Pendant | Irving 22" Pendant | Daniel Bar/Counter Stool

    While choosing a style of light fixture might seem fairly straightforward to some (if you like it, get it!), to others, the decision making process can be more complex. If you fall into the second category, there are some questions you can ask yourself to help with the decision making process:

    • Are you in the market for a ceiling fixture, desk or table lamp, floor lamp, or wall sconce?
    • Is it for ambient, task, or accent lighting?
    • How much space do you have to work with? This will dictate the size of light fixture you can get.
    • Is it going to be the star of the room or does it need to fit into an existing plan?
    • If it is going to fit into an existing interior design scheme, does it need to be subtle and sleek or beautiful and ornate?

    Subtle and sleek light fixtures

    Beautiful and ornate light fixtures

    Shop our collection of modern pendants

    4. Consider colour temperature

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    Get the Look: Stanhill 16-Light Chandelier in Chrome | Sliver Dining Chair | Polo Metal Stool | Alben Dining Chair

    The colour of a white light, whether it’s bluish or reddish in tone, is known as “Correlated Colour Temperature” (CCT). The CCT scale runs from 2,200 Degrees Kelvin to 6,500K. The lower the number, the warmer the light appears to our eyes.

    Light sources like fire and traditional incandescent light bulbs have a warm CCT, whereas daylight falls on the cooler or higher end of the scale. Modern LED light bulbs can fall anywhere on this scale and are often advertised as “very warm white”, “warm white”, “cool white”, or “daylight” to indicate the type of light you can expect. The quality and accuracy of the CCT label varies from brand to brand and is almost entirely a matter of personal preference.

    As a general rule, warm lighting (in the range of 2,200-3,000K) is recommended for places like bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms—places where you relax, entertain, or prepare for sleep. Cool lighting (3,500-6,500K), which is more reminiscent of daylight, is recommended for offices, kitchens, garages—places where you work or need to concentrate on tasks.

    However, if you want all cool lighting or all warm lighting, that is up to you, just make sure the colour temperatures of each light bulb in a given room match or are coordinated. There is nothing more jarring than lighting that is unintentionally mismatched.

    DESIGN TIP: If you don’t want to be limited to one colour temperature, you can opt for a smart bulb with colour-changing capabilities. If that type of connectivity doesn’t appeal to you, there are lower-tech options such as dimmable LEDs that become warmer in colour the dimmer they are.

    5. Pick your colour palette

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    Get the Look: Kiki Pendant in Cream | Kiki Pendant in Mint | Sora 16" Pendant | Flute II Pendant | Bentley Table Lamp

    Light fixtures can very easily blend into the background and don’t need to take up visual space in your room—instead, they can simply illuminate the things that you want illuminated. But they don’t have to blend in—they can be bold and stand out as much as you like, or simply fit in with your existing colour palette.

    With each lamp, there will be different components for you to factor into your colour palette depending on the type of lamp it is, such as:

    • Lamp shade
    • Lamp body
    • Chain or cable
    • Arms or tube
    • Lamp base

    For each of these components, there are many different material and colour options available. Lamp shades alone run the gamut from opaque fabric to coloured glass. You’ll find also lamp bodies, arms, tubes, and bases made from wood, concrete, metal, glass, and plastic:

    Shop our collection of modern table lamps

    While looking for the perfect lamp, you will almost certainly find something to suit the colour palette of any room. If you’re not sure, simply follow the same rules of colour matching that you would with any other item you introduce into a room:

    • If you don’t already have a colour scheme selected, base your colour palette on a prominent piece of artwork, rug, or other notable piece in your room.
    • Use the colour wheel to make selections. Do you want your room to be monochrome (different shades, tones, or tints of the same colour), analogous (colours that are beside each other on the colour wheel such as red, orange, and yellow), complimentary (colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel, such as blue and orange), or triadic (three colours that are evenly spaced on the colour wheel such as. red, yellow, and blue)?
    • Is your lamp going to be a signature piece in the room, such as a statement chandelier or pendant lamp? If so, something bold and colourful would not be out of place.
    • Is your lamp simply acting as accent or task lighting? In this case, you will want it to blend in and should select a more neutral hue.

    Bright ideas for better lighting

    Bringing new lights into a space is a simple way to update an existing design scheme and completely change the look of your home. When updating and upgrading the lighting in your home, there are many different considerations to keep in mind. These five tips can help you light your way with ease:

    • Layer your lighting
    • Proper pendant placement
    • Choosing the right light fixture style
    • Considering colour temperature
    • Picking your colour palette

    Shop our complete collection of modern lighting

    Brighter Days are ahead! Use code BRIGHTER15 for 15% off all lighting until March 1, 2021.

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    How To Create a Restful Bedroom (+ Our Best Modern Bedside Table Styling Tips)

    How To Create a Restful Bedroom (+ Our Best Modern Bedside Table Styling Tips)

    Sleep is incredibly important for our physical and mental health. From diets and exercise to pills and special spa treatments, there are many things we can try to improve the quality and length of your sleep. But there’s one important aspect of sleep that many of us overlook—our bedroom spaces.

    One of the first things sleep experts will tell you to explore and adjust are your sleeping conditions. That means making changes to your routine and to your bedroom.

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    Get the Look: Cora Rug | Diamond Blanket Black | Diamond Blanket Grey | Blake Lumbar Pillow | Cameron Pillow | Clara Pillow

    If you’ve struggled with sleep in the past, you’re probably already familiar with at least some of the most common recommendations for creating a restful space in your bedroom. From major changes like a new bed or fresh coat of paint to simple adjustments like adding houseplants or switching up your lighting, there are a number of changes you can make to create a restful bedroom. Here are 6 of our favourites:

    1. Invest in a better bed

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    Get the Look: Emberly Bed | Mitchell Ottoman | Melody Rug

    A good mattress is the foundation for a better sleep, and the foundation of a good mattress is a quality bed frame. Considering how long we spend sleeping, a new mattress and bed frame is well worth the investment, especially if you’ve had the same bed since the 1990s (or earlier). It’s harder to fall asleep if your current bed is uncomfortable, and once you do slip off to dreamland, you’re more likely to toss and turn, resulting in poor sleep.

    Don’t underestimate the impact of style—while your mattress and box spring matter most, a sturdy bed frame that suits your style can have a big impact on how you feel when you’re in your bedroom, which can also impact your sleep quality.

    What qualifies as a good bed is different for everyone—we all have different needs and bodies, and comfort is relative. In general, you want a sturdy bed frame with a supportive yet soft mattress that doesn’t heat up too much as you sleep.

    Shop our collection of modern beds

    You’ll also want some soft, good quality sheets to slide into that help you maintain a nice, comfortable temperature:

    Shop our collection of modern bedding

    2. Calming colours

    The most calming colours to the human eye are pulled from our natural environment—think muted shades of blue and green.

    You don’t have to transform your bedroom into a monochromatic space without any other colours to create a restful environment. If repainting isn’t in the cards, consider installing a temporary wall mural to create a calming accent wall, or investing in blue and green artwork, sheets, or blankets to help foster a calm, sleep-inducing atmosphere.

    Shop our collection of modern wall art

    3. Real greenery

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    Get the Look: Gemma Pendant | Jules Rug | Tahoe Rug

    Whether you add a bouquet that you change out regularly or a permanent houseplant, there is always a way to add life and greenery to your bedroom. For the same reason we find the colour green calming, many people feel more relaxed when surrounded by plants. As an added bonus, some of them, such as snake plants, can also help filter your air.

    Even bedrooms that get so little natural light they feel like they don’t have any windows at all can incorporate greenery with the help of a grow light and a timer (set to run during normal daylight hours, or night-time hours if you work the night shift). And you don’t need to invest in a ugly grow-light! Special grow light bulbs are available to fit almost any light fixture.

    Popular easy-to-care-for houseplants include:

    • Snake plants
    • Pothos
    • Spider plant
    • Ivy
    • ZZ Plant
    DESIGN TIP: Not all indoor plants are pet-safe, so do your research before you buy anything that your dog or cat could easily reach and ingest.

    Shop our collection of modern planters

    4. Good lighting

    A bright, cool-coloured, exposed bulb lamp may be well-suited for your home workspace, but it is not ideal for sending you off to dreamland. The lighting you want in your bedroom should be warm, not too bright (or dimmable at least), and easily directed so it doesn’t shine in your eyes while you are reading or preparing to go to sleep:

    Shop our collection of modern lighting

    5. A screen-free room

    Swap your jarring phone alarm for a gentle wake up light-alarm clock and leave your phone, tablet, laptop, and other devices in the hallway or tucked away inside a drawer in your room. You may even want to consider relocating your television to a different space.

    There are some studies that show that a blue-light blocking filter might prevent the lighting from these devices from keeping you up, but the real problem is that these devices are mentally stimulating. Notifications and the constant call of social media can easily keep you awake well past bedtime, so do your best to disconnect for an hour or so before lights out.

    6. Cut down on clutter

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    Get the Look: Cora Rug | Gracie Bed

    The minimalist style may not be for you, but having an organized room with less stuff may actually help you sleep better. Even if you can’t truly get your space tidied up, stuffing things away in drawers and closets will help reduce visual clutter and calm your mind.

    Nightstand Styling Tips

    Nightstands or bedside tables are a unique item in your house. They’re primarily functional pieces of furniture, but you still want them to look nice, and it can be hard to find something that suits all of your needs. Whether you want a nightstand with drawers, shelves, or a combination of both, deciding what to keep in and on top of your bedside table to strike a balance between keeping things you need handy and staying organized can be difficult.

    What to keep on top of the nightstand

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    Get the Look: Bristo Wall Sconce | Edith Pillow | Greta Artwork

    One of the trickiest things about bedside tables is that it can be easy to accidentally knock things over while you are asleep, especially if you are an active sleeper. When it comes to the top of your nightstand, keep it minimal. How about a book or magazine? Too much clutter can also interrupt your sleep. Instead, stick to just the essentials on the top of your bedside table.

    DESIGN TIP: If space is at a premium, consider opting for a floor lamp, wall sconce, or small pendant centred over the nightstand instead of a table lamp.

    If you’d like to keep some decorative items visible, consider investing in a bedside table with a shadow box. These pieces are ideal for displaying trinkets and tchotchkes while keeping the top surface clear:>

    Shop our collection of modern nightstands

    What to keep in nightstand drawers

    Anything you might need throughout the night but doesn’t need to be easily on hand should be stored in the drawers of your nightstand.

    DESIGN TIP: If you need more storage, a simple way to add it without over-stuffing your drawers is by using wall-mounted organizers or hanging caddies that slide in between your mattress layers.

    Shop our collection of modern bedside tables

    What to keep on shelves

    If your nightstand has a shelf or floor space underneath, this is a good place to keep storage baskets or extra books.


    Shop our collection of modern nightstands

    DESIGN TIP: To get cords out of the way, fasten them down the back and along the leg of the nightstand with cable ties to keep them from getting tangled.

    Create a Restful Space

    If improving your sleep is on the agenda for 2021, start by focusing on creating a restful bedroom space. There are a number of ways to create a relaxing space, including:

    • Investing in a good bed
    • Incorporating calming colours into the space
    • Adding some plants
    • Improving the lighting
    • Keeping overly mentally-stimulating things, such as electronics, out of your room
    • Keeping the space as tidy as possible
    • Only putting essentials on top of your night stand

      Shop our collection of modern bedroom furniture

      Don't miss our Get Cozy sale! Use code COZY20 for 20% off bedroom furniture until February 8, 2021.

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      Decorating Trends for 2021: How To Incorporate Pantone’s Colour(s) of the Year

      Decorating Trends for 2021: How To Incorporate Pantone’s Colour(s) of the Year

      For the last 20 years, the Pantone Color Institute™ has captured the moment in time in a colour swatch and crowned it “Colour of the Year”. Influenced by all areas of design, socio-economic conditions, and even technology, the Colour of the Year takes stock of the mood of the world and distils it into one (or sometimes two) shades. From fashion to home decor to graphic design, Pantone’s choice sets the trends that will define the year to come.

      In 2020, that colour was Classic Blue for “instilling calm, confidence, and connection… highlight[ing] our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era” (Pantone).

      For 2021, Pantone’s trend forecasters have identified two colours: Ultimate Gray and a bold and bright yellow called “Illuminating”.

      Why these colours? According to Pantone’s colour experts:

      PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating, two independent colors that highlight how different elements come together to support one another, best express the mood for Pantone Color of the Year 2021. Practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, the union of PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating is one of strength and positivity. It is a story of color that encapsulates deeper feelings of thoughtfulness with the promise of something sunny and friendly. - Pantone

      Let’s take a closer look at how these shades can be incorporated into your decor:

      How to use the Pantone Colours of the Year in your home

      Grey and yellow are classic and versatile tones that can easily be incorporated into your current decor or used as inspiration for an entirely new design.

      Whether you’re tired of looking at your home and are planning a major redesign or you are looking for a subtle shift in your colour scheme, these shades work well as focal colours and as accents. Naturally, these two tones pair very well together—think of sunbeams shining through the clouds on a grey day, or a field of golden wheat against a November grey sky—so they can be incorporated into your home together or separately as you see fit.

      Ultimate Gray

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Grey Skies Wall Mural | Elliot Dining Chair in Wooden Brown

      Grey is the ideal neutral. It can be soft or bold depending on the hue and shade you select, and it matches with nearly every other colour. Pantone’s Ultimate Gray falls around the middle of the light and dark scale, giving you lots of room to play with this perfect shade.

      Accent tables

      Ideal for holding all manner of objects, a grey side- or coffee table will add a neutral backdrop to your drinks, books, tchotchkes, photographs, and other pieces of art:

      Shop our collection of modern accent tables


      Take a rest or cozy up on these soothing grey tones:

      Shop our collection of modern lounge chairs


      Put your feet up on a shade that conveniently disguises dirt:

      Shop our collection of modern ottomans and poufs


      Add some light in with the grey with these fixtures:

      Shop our collection of modern lighting


      Wall murals, artwork, throws, and sheets are a simple way to incorporate grey without adding too much:

      DESIGN TIP: Wall art like our Maple Garden piece is a great way to incorporate both 2021 Pantone shades into a single piece. 

      Shop our collection of modern decor


      And don’t forget to add some Ultimate Gray under foot as well:

      Shop our collection of modern rugs

      Illuminating (Yellow)

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      Get the Look: Sunflower Wall Mural | Sliver Dining Chair

      Some people think yellow is harder to work with, so it’s not always a popular colour for decorating. It’s a colour many people shy away from because of its intensity, but it can bring some much-needed joyfulness and light to your home in 2021. Illuminating is an especially bright and joyful hue, so if you’re colour averse or yellow isn’t your top pick but you still want it in the mix, add it in with smaller, carefully selected pieces:


      Mix and match your seating options to incorporate some sunny yellow:

      Shop our collection of modern dining chairs

      Throw pillows and poufs

      Sneak in the sunshine shade with seating-adjacent accessories, such as a pillow or pouf:

      Shop our collection of modern pillows

      Wall art

      Incorporate Illuminating into the room with an artwork prominently featuring yellow or, if you’re feeling a bit more bold, one yellow accent wall. You can skip the paint and use a wall mural to accomplish this—wall murals are easier than wallpaper to remove if you have a change of heart later on.

      Shop our collection of modern wall art

      Throws & Rugs

      If you want to add a pop of colour or experiment with this bright shade, throw blankets and rugs are a great way to incorporate Illuminating without letting it take over the room.

      Shop our collection of modern throws

      Last year’s colour: Classic Blue

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Hudson Street Pendant in Stardust | Soli Black Leather Stool

      As one would expect from a Pantone pick, Classic Blue naturally pairs well with Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Whether you’ve already included Classic Blue in your home or you want to add it in for 2021—after all, it is classic—you can incorporate a few of these pieces with or without the 2021 colours.


      Shop our collection of modern sofas


      Shop our collection of modern lighting


      Shop our collection of modern rugs

      Wall art & accoutrements

      Shop our collection of modern decor

      Colour your way

      Your home may feel a little more stagnant than usual after all the time spent in it this past year. Much like tigers in a zoo, we can all benefit from some enrichment in our enclosures. Small (or large) pieces featuring an updated Pantone-approved palette can help freshen up a stale space and make your home feel new all over again.

      Ultimate Gray and Illuminating not your cup of tea? Shop our full range of products in multiple colourways.

      Shop our modern living room collection

      Don't miss our New Year, New Look sale! Use code NEWYEAR15 for 15% off storewide until January 25, 2021.

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      New Year, New Resolution: 6 Tips for Getting Organized at Home in 2021

      New Year, New Resolution: 6 Tips for Getting Organized at Home in 2021

      2021 is just around the corner, and with the new year comes the annual flood of new year’s resolutions. Whether you set a resolution every year or you’re new to the ritual, 2021 is the year to focus on being kind to yourself and making small changes that can have a big impact on your life. More than ever, this year is about finding safe ways to enjoy being with yourself, spending time with your family, and loving your home.

      With more focus on the home in 2020, resolving to get (and stay) organized may be at the top of many of our lists for 2021. Getting your clutter under control may seem as insurmountable as that clearing away that never-ending pile of junk on your kitchen table, but it’s actually easier to tackle than you might expect.

      Whether you’re super motivated to get it done as soon as you can or would prefer to tackle the task slowly over a period of months, successfully getting organized will leave you feeling ready to take on 2021 with a cleaner, clutter-free home.

      Here are 6 of our best tips for getting and staying organized at home in 2021:

      1. Start with some good old-fashioned decluttering

      The best way to get organized is to start by getting rid of stuff. I mean really get rid of stuff. We like the KonMari approach—if it doesn’t “spark joy”, it’s time for that item to go.

      Take out everything you own, unload every drawer, empty every closet, and go through it thoughtfully. Decide what you need to keep, what you want to keep, and what you can do without, then sell, gift, or donate what you can. With less stuff to deal with, you can start thinking about what kind of storage and organization solutions will work best in your space.

      2. Organize your shelving & filing cabinets

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Sora 24" Pendant | Annette Dining Chair

      Go through your books and pick out the best ones, the ones you will read again, and the ones you haven’t read yet. Give them a spot of honour on the shelf, and donate the rest.

      If you have a collection of DVDs, BluRays, VHS tapes, records, or cassettes, these too can be decluttered, sorted onto a shelf, and donated. Hang on to anything that is especially important to you—you never know when the wifi might suddenly disappear or your streaming service of choice will ditch your favourite show or song.

      Go through your stack of hard-copy documents and shred or burn anything with important info that you no longer need. The rest of the papers can be sorted and filed away in the appropriate folder.

      Instead of tucking your papers away in an ugly metal filing cabinet, update your space by swapping your outdated storage cabinet for a modern shelf unit or filing cabinet:

      Shop our collection of modern desks and storage

      3. Conceal cables and consoles

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Andy Sofa | Kara Media Unit | Copacetic Pouf | Allie Rug

      We may have fewer wires and cables to manage than we did 10 or 20 years ago thanks to streaming services and smart devices, but many entertainment options still require plugs and cables to operate. Get your television, game consoles, streaming boxes, DVD or BluRay players and their many cables under control with a proper media unit designed to disguise and organize these items while providing a streamlined and modern look.

      Browse our collection of modern media units

      4. Sneak storage in with style

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Falcon Sideboard | Florence Mirror | Sunday Wall Art

      If entertaining is back on the table in 2021, an organized dining room will help you play host and keep your dining room clutter-free. A sideboard fits perfectly into a dining room and provides you with space to store hosting tools like trays, cocktail-making utensils, drinkware, serving tools, candles, table decor, or table linens. It can even be used to store board games.

      Here are some of our favourite modern sideboards:

      Shop our collection of modern sideboards and cabinets

      5. Make the most of unused space

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Perth Bed | Cora Rug | Athena Bench

      There’s always a space in your home you can put to better use. The space under your bed for example can and should be utilized for organizing items that can be stored out-of-sight.  Things that can be stored under your bed in bins or in your under-bed drawers include:

      • Pajamas
      • Warm socks
      • Ear plugs
      • Slippers
      • Crackers
      • Books and magazines you are reading
      • Tablets, phones, and laptops
      • Diaries and planners
      • Out of season clothing
      • Sheets
      • Extra pillows and blankets
      • Holiday gifts

      A bed with built-in drawers or a lot of clearance is ideal for turning this area into a convenient and easy-to-conceal storage space.

      Browse our modern bed collection

      6. Secret storage where you lounge

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: West Sectional | Emery Ottoman | Ciotola Flush Mount | Jane 2-Light Wall Sconce

      Furniture with built-in storage is a life-saver in living and family rooms, especially in smaller homes or homes with kids. Throw pillows, blankets, reading socks, books, magazines, and extra remotes are all things that you can easily stash in benches or ottomans with hidden compartments so you can clear off space on your couch and coffee tables.

      Shop our collection of modern ottomans and poufs

      Setting realistic resolutions for 2021

      For your 2021 new year’s resolutions, keep it simple. This is not the year to resolve to lose weight or travel more—instead, focus on your hobbies, your health, and your home.

      We are still facing unprecedented times, and we could all use some kindness, comfort, and maybe even a project to help us get through the rest of winter and whatever lies beyond. Getting your home organized is something that can be tackled slowly, room by room, when you feel up for it. With the right storage furniture and organization tools, you can get your home clutter-free—and keep it that way—right through 2021.

      Shop our full collection of modern storage furniture

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      Celebrating 2 Years of Comfort: 10 of our Favourite Instagram Posts from the Last Year

      Celebrating 2 Years of Comfort: 10 of our Favourite Instagram Posts from the Last Year

      It’s been a strange year and the uncertainty shows no signs of stopping as we head into 2021. In times like these, it’s important to focus on what really matters: family, comfort, and good tidings.

      Despite the unique challenges we’ve all faced these past months, we’re thrilled to share that Modern Komfort had our best year yet! Since we first opened our shop doors in 2018, we’ve been proud to share our passion for creating beautiful spaces that work for the whole family, and we’re grateful for everyone who’s trusted us to help them create a home that reflects their vision in this unusual year. We’re so proud of our hardworking team and look forward to inspiring even more beautiful spaces in 2021. 

      We could all use some comfort, joy, and inspiration with which to fill our cups before we continue on and face the coming year. If creating a cozier home environment and hunkering down with your family has helped you fortify yourself against the challenges of 2020, join us as we celebrate our 2nd anniversary and reflect on some of our favourite Instagram posts from this year.

      Here we go!

      1. A dreamy dining room makeover

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Britany Dining Chair

      This delightful dining room makeover by Jo Galbraith, creator of @jogalbraithathome, struck a chord with over 700 of our followers. Stylish and summery, this warm modern cottage aesthetic creates a cozy dining area for family memories to be made.

      2. The perfect spot to spend some downtime

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Candor 4-Light Pendant | Irving 16” Pendant | Dylan Lumbar Pillow | Everett Pillow | Blake Pillow in Natural Blue

      Designed by Jenna Holland of Holland Homes NB, this modern cottage uses dark, dramatic hues to complement its ample  light, open space. These comfortable furniture and accessory pieces allow you to feel snug and warm without that boxed in feeling cozier layouts can inspire.

      3. A comfy cloud in a gorgeous space

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Cloud Sofa | Bryne LED Pendant

      Erin Conway from @kismethouse inspires us with a warm, comfortable place to lounge and unplug after a day of remote working. In this living room, you can curl up on your couch with a good book, a candle, a glass of wine or cup of tea (or whatever beverage you prefer).

      4. A surf side print in a warm and inviting room

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Surf Side Print

      Do you want to lounge in comfort and dream of summer? Stare at the beach and feel the sea breeze on your skin well into the depths of December? Envision yourself in a living room like this one by Brianne Penney from @boneill_athome. You can make it happen with some small additions to your current setup, such as new artwork and some comfy throw pillows.

      5. The transformation of a new home

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Britany Dining Chair

      Jo Galbraith’s dining room makeover was an absolute hit on Instagram, so here it is again from a new angle. Bench seating combined with traditional dining chairs, a simple and beachy colour palette, and a beautifully braided pendant lamp create an eating area capable of hosting a number of different styles of events, from intimate family-only meals to potentially larger soirees.

      6. A welcoming space to keep family traditions alive

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Ripple Dining Chair | Florence Pendant

      Lita of XO Frankie at Home shared with us this gorgeous dining room space she created using some of our favourite dining chairs and a modern pendant update to the traditional chandelier. This cozy space is well-suited to family dinners and evenings with friends. 

      7. A bright and crisp bathroom makeover

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Reynolds Mirror | Stellar 2-Light Wall Sconce

      This beautiful bathroom makeover by our Modern Komfort team gives us some great ideas for our own homes. Who doesn’t love the look of a clean, modern bathroom with spectacular, bright lighting? This makeover expertly provides a calming space to start and finish your day.

      8. Sideboard styling at its finest

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Kara Sideboard

      If the houseplant craze has hit your home, you’re not alone. Many people found themselves the proud parent of a succulent or six this year, and nothing compliments greenery in your home like natural accents and wood furniture. Our Kara sideboard, made with mango wood, cane, and iron helps to create the perfect backdrop for your pothos, snake plants, and succulents.

      9. Warm winter vibes

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Northern Ridge Print | Alpine Print | Flight Pillow | Dallas Pillow | Troilus Floor Lamp | Mitchell Ottoman

      Along with the seasons, our homes change throughout the year. As we move into winter, don’t be afraid to embrace the greys and pale blues of the season. These cool tones can create a lovely and surprisingly inviting colour palette, especially when they’re paired with warm accents like our Mitchell ottoman, and they act as the perfect neutral backdrop for more festive decorations.

      10. One of the coziest spots around

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Cloud Sofa

      Tanya at House of Six Interiors created this delightfully warm and inviting living room. Whether curling up with a book, a cat, and a cup of tea, sitting down with friends or—let’s be honest—taking a nap on that incredible couch, this living room is the very picture of modern home comfort.

      Wrapping Up

      With all of us spending more time at home than ever, the way our indoor spaces look and feet has become more important. Whether you undertook a complete renovation, added a few small pieces and plants, or simply gathered inspiration with the intention of redecorating later, the whole Modern Komfort team, thanks you for sharing your homes and inspirations with us. As we celebrate another year of business, we look forward to what 2021 has in store.

      Join the celebration! Use code CELEBRATE15 for 15% off any purchase.

      For more inspiring content, follow us on Instagram.

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      Holiday Gift Guide 2020: 30+ Gift Ideas for Modern Home Decor Lovers

      Holiday Gift Guide 2020: 30+ Gift Ideas for Modern Home Decor Lovers

      The holiday season has arrived and for many of us, that means gift giving in some form or another. Home renos and redesigns were a popular pastime with everyone spending more time in the home in 2020, and the gift of home decor to freshen up a stale space will likely be a welcome one this year.

      Whether you love the thrill of giving a truly good gift or find the process more stressful than satisfying, the key to giving in 2020 is to buy early in case that must-give gift is out of stock or there are delays in shipping and receiving your purchase.

      If you haven’t already made your list and started checking things off, here are some ideas to help get your gift giving off the ground:

      Gifts For: The Chef

      Consider helping the chef or culinary dabbler in your life change up their kitchen with some fresh tea towels, sponge cloths, cutting boards, and trays. With motifs and patterns to satisfy every home chef, small items like these make perfect stocking stuffers.

      For the chef who loves plants and gardening:


      For the chef with a passion for fruit:


      For the woodsy or Scandinavian chef:


      Browse our full range of kitchen accessories

      Gifts For: The Lounger

      Do you know someone who’s idea of a perfect day is to curl up with a good book, a video game, or twelve straight hours of Netflix? These are the people in your life who need an ottoman or pouf—these practical pieces instantly transform any chair into a comfortable recliner, making it easy to kick your feet up and wile away the hours. Some of them even offer additional storage to help jump start that new year’s resolution to get organized.


      Shop our collection of modern ottomans and poufs

      Gifts For: The Friend Who is Always Cold

      We all know someone who is just always cold—their house is 25 degrees no matter what season it is, they always need a sweater or extra thick socks, and they don’t turn the air conditioning on in their car even if you’re sticking to the seats and sweating through your shirt. The perfect gift for the constantly cold is a cozy blanket to snuggle into or a plush rug to protect their feet.


      Shop our collection of modern throws


      Shop our collection of modern area rugs

      Gifts For: The Green Thumb

      Houseplants and indoor gardening surged in popularity this year as we took to our homes and turned them into our own personal jungles. I don’t know about you, but most of the plant collectors in my life forget to pick up a nice pot to house their prized new plant. Give the green thumb in your life (and their plant babies) the gift of a beautiful modern planter to conceal those plastic green, black, and terracotta pots from the garden centre.


      Shop our full range of modern planters

      Gifts For: The Cozy Curator

      The Hygge craze swept North America in 2017 and this cozy concept quickly became a mainstay in many homes. Help your comfort-craving friend or family member create the hygge haven of their dreams with a delightfully scented candle and accompanying lantern—nothing creates a relaxing atmosphere like the warm glow of candlelight.


      Browse our collection of modern candles and lanterns

       GIFTING TIP: Candles make great gifts for coworkers, secret santa gift exchanges, cousins, in-laws, and acquaintances you like but don’t know that well.

      Gifts For: The Photographer/Moment Collector

      Thanks to digital photography, a lot of photos are taken, posted online (or not), and then never looked at again. If you have a photographer, family historian, or moment collector on your gift list, getting some of their photographs or favourite memories printed and mounted in a beautiful frame is a heartfelt way to give a personalized gift and get more enjoyment out of these moments.


      Peruse our collection of modern picture frames

      Gifts For: The Person Who Has Everything

      There is always someone in your life who can’t resist treating themselves to the thoughtful gift you’ve been planning to get them for months, who already has one of everything in every colour, or who is just plain impossible to shop for. Surprise the person who already has everything with a splurge they’ll never expect.

      Comfortable cushions and lovely grey tones make our Cloud couch the ideal present for the special person in your life who already has one of everything (or who just desperately needs a new couch). There’s no rule saying this person can’t also be you—we’re big fans of the self-gift here at Modern Komfort.


      View our Cloud sofa in Valley Nimbus and Vesuvio Dove

      If a couch feels too big and bulky to wrap, consider giving them the gift of good sleep in the form of luxury of pure linen sheets. These breathable sheets have a nice weight to them and are pre-washed with natural enzymes to ensure they are soft.


      Shop our collection of modern bedding

      Wrap It Up this Holiday Season

      Buying and sending gifts early will be the key to a successful holiday season this year. We may not be able to gather together and celebrate as normal, but we can still express ourselves through phone calls and video chats, kind messages in the mail, and thoughtful tokens. After an unusual year, a heartfelt gift and some warm words can go a long way to making the holiday season as bright as ever.

      Shop our collection of modern home decor

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      Pillow Talk: How To Choose and Style Decorative Throw Pillows

      Pillow Talk: How To Choose and Style Decorative Throw Pillows

      Throw pillows are an elegant (and comfortable!) way to update the look of your home at any time. They can be swapped in and out easily as the seasons change and your design needs evolve, and they can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your space.

      Because throw pillows are such a simple addition, you may be wondering why we wrote an entire guide to choosing and styling pillow combinations. Shouldn’t selecting throw pillows be as simple as finding some you like and gently tossing them onto your couch or bed? Perhaps, but thanks to the large number of pillow options available, it can be hard to narrow down what look you want and what style looks good without a little guidance.

      That’s why we’ve put together some straightforward guidelines to help you combine pillows and create the comfortable and stylish look of your dreams—and maybe even fortify the walls for your pillow forts.

      Let’s get started.

      1. Select your colour scheme

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Dylan Lumbar Pillow | Douglas Lumbar Pillow (sold out) | Butterfly 1 | Butterfly II | Peg Floor Lamp

      There are a couple of different ways you can narrow down a colour scheme:

      1. Select a shade that matches or complements the items you already have in your home and build your colour scheme from there.
      2. Ask yourself what colours speak to you at this time of year. Your colour scheme doesn’t necessarily have to have a seasonal or holiday theme, so instead of limiting yourself to seasons, events, or what’s trendy, your palette can simply feature colours that fit your home or delight you at this particular moment.
       DESIGN TIP: Most interior design experts recommend including at least one neutral colour in your palette to offset the others. While this is good advice, don’t be afraid to select a less conventional “neutral” if you prefer a bold hue, such as a subdued yellow. Your home should make you happy!

      If you want to take a more technical approach to choosing a colour scheme, try using a colour palette generator like this one from Adobe. It will help you create a colour palette using colour harmony rules, and it can even create a palette out of colours from an image you upload. This is a great way to play with colours to get a good idea of what you want and what will look good before you start picking out pillows.

       DESIGN TIP: For a more subdued look, select analogous colours. These hues sit next to each other on the colour wheel, providing a similar tone and vibrancy that is a bit more subtle than the other colour harmony options.

      2. Pick patterns and styles

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Daniel Pillow (sold out) | Darcy Pillow | Dawn Pillow

      Selecting a good mix of styles and patterns is key to building an attractive arrangement. 

      Make sure you include some solid coloured pillows to help balance out any bold patterns. Or, if you want to stick with solid colours across all your pillows, remember that just because they are solid doesn’t mean they can’t have an interesting texture or look. Whether you mix up patterns or opt for a monochromatic look, you’ll find a wide variety of pillow styles to choose from, including:

      • Plain covers, including patterns and solid hues
      • Envelope front
      • Button flap
      • Mitered
      • Buttoned/Tufted

      In addition to different styles, throw pillows are also available with a variety of different edge types to add even more texture and appeal to your pillows, including:

      • Straight edge
      • Self-welt edge
      • Ruffle edge
      • Flange edge
      • Fabric tie

      To begin, we recommend choosing one or two patterns to go in an arrangement, along with one solid colour—you can always layer in more patterns and solids later. Solid colours can have a textured material or different style or edge to add some variety without creating a busy-looking arrangement.

      Here’s an arrangement we created that features two solid-coloured textured pillows, as well as one patterned pillow that combines both colour tones. The combination of shapes, colours, and textures creates a balanced look that adds interest without looking busy.

      Get the look:

      Neutral Solid

      Cora Pillow (Square)

      Neutral Solid

      Cora Pillow (Lumbar)


      Cameron Pillow


      Carly Pillow

      3. Size and shape

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Dean Pillow | Dominique Pillow | Drake Lumbar Pillow | Dawn Pillow | Peg Floor Lamp | Birds in Flight I Wall Art | Birds in Flight II Wall Art

      Like patterns and colours, having a mixture of shapes adds depth and creates height and visual interest on your couch or bed. Throw pillows come in a lot of different sizes and shapes:


      Where to use it

      Round In the middle and front position
      Lumbar Because of its short profile, this is best used in the front
      Neck roll and bolster Front position
      Square In back or side and middle positions
      Rectangular Any position, but larger pillows should be placed in the back or at either ends


      Linnea Pillow


      Alegro Pillow

      Standard sizes

      • 26” x 26” (Euro): Ideal for king sized beds
      • 20” x 26” (Standard): Ideal for queen sized and double or full beds
      • 14” x 36” (Large Lumbar): Ideal for king sized beds
      • 22” x 22”: Ideal for twin beds, couches, and layering in on larger beds
      • 20” x 20”: Ideal for couches and layering in on larger beds
      • 18” x 18”: I deal for couches and layering in on larger beds
      • 16” x 20” (Small lumbar): Ideal couches and layering in on larger beds

      It’s a good idea to include some large pillows in the mix because they are (most importantly) comfortable and great to lounge on top of, but they also take up lots of visual space and create the look of a plush, full, intentional look.

      22" x 22"

      Eglo Pillow

      24" x 24"

      Zalli Pillow

      DESIGN TIP: If you want a fuller pillow, size up your insert. For example, if you have a 20″ cover, and you want a really full pillow, use a 22″ insert.

      4. Arrangement

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Birman Mirror | Diamond Blanket Pink

      Arranging pillows is deceptively simple. If you’re new to arranging pillows, consider our earlier advice and start by including:

      • Two prints—one large or bold pattern and one small or subtle pattern
      • One solid—solid pillows can feature a texture or can come in several shades of the same hue, or feature complementary or contrasting colours

      How you organize your selection of pillows is up to you, but there are a few different approaches you can take and some general rules you can follow if you need some guidance:

      A symmetrical or an asymmetrical arrangement is a matter of personal preference. Symmetry is more traditional and lends a clean and orderly look to your home. Asymmetry is a bit edgier and can look great in the right setting, but it can also look messy if done incorrectly.

      On a bed, place your largest pillows at the back of the arrangement and layer medium and small pillows in front like we’ve done here:


      Brenda Pillow

      Neutral Pattern

      Courtney Pillow


      Chloe Pillow

      On a couch, day bed, or window seat, smaller pillows should be in the middle and the largest on the outside. Not only is this more visually pleasing, it also makes it easier to sit because you aren’t being pushed off the seat by large pillows.


      Boni Pillow


      Connor Pillow


      Cindy Pillow

      DESIGN TIP: While it can be tempting to pile on the pillows, try to have a light hand. Too many pillows can make it difficult for guests to get comfortable or know what to do with all those extra cushions when they sit down. No one wants to have to shove pillows onto the floor to find a seat. 

      A comfortable collection

      Switching out your pillows is a simple way to create a new look in your home, and they are easy to store when not in use—most pillow covers can be unzipped, unbuttoned, or untied and packed flat for storage. When adding new throw pillows to your collection, just remember to:

      1. Select your colour scheme first
      2. Pick out your desired patterns and styles to fit the colour scheme you selected
      3. Choose a range of sizes to create some depth and visual interest
      4. Arrange them with larger sizes and taller pillows towards the back and sides, layering patterns and colours in a way you find visually appealing

      Shop our collection of modern throw pillows

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      Inspiring Dining Room Design Ideas for the 2020 Holiday Season and Beyond

      Inspiring Dining Room Design Ideas for the 2020 Holiday Season and Beyond

      The holiday season and the practice of entertaining may look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t update your home and redecorate your dining room to add some festive cheer to your family celebrations. After all, chances are you’ll be spending more time at home over the course of the holiday season, and who is more important to impress than yourself? 

      The dining room is a special place in any house—a place where friends and family gather to break bread, reconnect, and make memories—and it deserves to be decorated accordingly. If you are craving a change but aren’t sure what direction to take, now is the perfect time to draw decorating ideas from happy holiday memories—and, of course, a few design enthusiasts.

      Inspired by some of our own favourite holiday memories, we took a closer look at three popular design themes to help you get the dining room of your dreams, whether you’re looking for small changes or are ready for a major makeover.

      Inspiration: Modernized rustic cottage

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Smart Dining Chair | Sycamore Dining Table

      My favourite Thanksgiving memory is the big round oak dining table we had at our cottage on the shore of Lake Huron, near Saint Joseph, Ontario. If more people were coming over, the round table had leaves and became an oval. There's nothing better than cozying up to the sound of the waves and eating turkey in the country, with all the trimmings and of course, a glass of wine, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and a good walk up the lane and back to take in the fall colours and burn off a tiny bit of that dinner. - Andrew Goodman, Toronto ON

      If you missed getting away to your cottage over the summer, why not recreate the look of a rustic cottage at home while retaining that modern aesthetic?

      Forget about dark, dusty, and outdated cottage decor. A light, neutral colour palette provides the perfect backdrop for an updated rustic cottage dining space. Embrace to the cottage chic by showcasing antiques, using warm modern accents inspired by outdoor textures, or incorporating natural elements such as:

      • Exposed wood beams
      • Aged textures and finishes
      • Driftwood and stone elements
      • Landscape artworks
      • Candles
      • Woollen throws and natural linens
      • Unpainted wood furniture, such as the round oak dining table from Andrew’s memory.

      Add some updated rustic cottage charm to your dining room with these round wood dining tables:

      Shop our collection of modern dining furniture

      Inspiration: Cozy family home

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Britany Dining Chair | Barke Dining Table

      I have fond childhood memories of many family gatherings around my grandparents' extra large pine dining table, custom built by my talented grandfather. The table was big enough to fit our extended family of 16 and wide enough to serve an entire thanksgiving dinner (turkey and all) down the centre. Growing up in rural Newfoundland often meant that neighbours or anyone without family nearby was welcome at our table. When neighbors joined in, we extended the table into the living room and everyone had a place. - Helen Champion, Modern Komfort

      Reach into your past and draw on the most important and memorable elements of your childhood kitchen table or dining room. Instead of recreating the dining room of your youth (it’s probably looking a little outdated by now!), focus instead on creating your own cozy family home and decorating it the way you want. To us, this means:

      It’s more important than ever to find new ways to fill our homes with warmth and cheer, so instead of focusing on what we can’t do, look forward to when we are able to gather again. You may not be able to crowd around a large or extendable dining table like my grandparents’, but you can still load it with all your favourite holiday treats. Here are a couple of our favourite modern options:

      Inspiration: Minimalist and modern

      View full post on Instagram
      Get the Look: Sliver Dining Chair | Audrey Dining Table | Biro Pendant Lamp | Glen Mirror

      I have many fond memories of Christmas Dinners with my family. My favourite memory is the extra place setting my parents always included at the dinner table. It didn't matter how many guests were around the table, even if space was tight, there was always an extra seat. When I was old enough to understand, my parents explained that the seat and place setting were set in case someone who was less fortunate than us knocked on our door and needed a meal. And, although no one ever knocked, we were always ready, and always thankful for each other and the meal we were so fortunate to share. - Anna Rubaj, Modern Komfort

      Mid-century modern and minimalism are enduring trends for interior decor, but it can be hard for some people to really nail the look—because of their popularity, vintage mid-century modern pieces can be difficult to come across, and not everyone is ready to pare down their belongings to fully embrace the minimalist style.

      If you’re worried that a minimalist or modern style will feel cold and less homey than rustic cottage chic or a cozy family vibe, don’t worry! A warm modern or minimalist look is easy to achieve with the right pieces, and you can create the look without relying on thrifted or vintage finds.

      Focus on keeping things simple and switching key pieces where you can. Complement a neutral or monochrome colour palette with mid-century modern-inspired silhouettes and warm wood tones, along textured accents and natural finishes to keep things homey without sacrificing style, such as:

      These sleek dining tables combine minimalist glass tops with warm wood legs to perfectly fuse mod style with cozier materials, and they’re large enough to add an extra place setting in case someone unexpected knocks at the door:

      Shop our selection of modern dining tables

      Dishing up your dream dining room

      Instead of filling our homes with friends and family, this year is perfect for spending quality time with our closest family members and focusing on creating a comfortable space that makes you feel happy at home. Refreshing your dining room by making small changes or sweeping updates can go a long way to adding some cheer to this unusual holiday season.

      When creating your dream dining room and transforming it into a space you will enjoy for years to come, don’t be afraid to go all in. That can mean starting small and slowly making changes to nail the look you want, or really going for it and redoing the entire thing at once. Choose an approach that works for your personal needs and one that fits your budget. If you need advice, we’re here to help you create the look you want.

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      Modern Thanksgiving Decor to Inspire your Family Celebrations

      Modern Thanksgiving Decor to Inspire your Family Celebrations

      Whether you are celebrating North or South of the Canadian border, Thanksgiving is going to look very different in 2020. Traditionally a time of travel and togetherness, this year we will all have to celebrate and share thanks from a distance at a time when some of us may not be feeling all that thankful. But unusual circumstances don’t mean you have to bid farewell to all of your favourite holiday traditions!

      Spending quality time with family (online or in person) and embellishing our homes with seasonal decor are two of our favourite ways to embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving and inspire some much-needed joy. This year, instead of the usual Thanksgiving smorgasbord for 20, small gatherings with your immediate household or Zoom dinners may be the norm, and taking the time to set the perfect scene for your virtual gathering or create a welcoming space for your immediate family can go a long way to adding a sense of cheer to this unconventional season.

      Regardless of how you plan to come together this year, Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to dress up your home with some simple seasonally-appropriate decor. To help you set the scene, we’ve compiled some of our favourite Thanksgiving decor inspiration. Take a look:

      Lighting to set the mood

      The soft light of a candle or lantern helps to create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere—something we are all craving this year. These lanterns will look great on your table, mantle, or anywhere in your home. For some Thanksgiving vibes, try nestling candle-lit lanterns amongst your other Thanksgiving or autumn decor, then switch up your seasonal decor when the snow starts to fly to create a wintery scene for the holidays.


      Shop our collection of modern lanterns

      While low lighting will create a nice ambience for intimate family gatherings, if you are video conferencing over dinner, make sure you incorporate enough lighting for your virtual guests to clearly see you. Some overhead lighting in addition to your candles and lanterns should be sufficient.

      Traditional fall accents

      Bringing the outdoors into your home by using leaves, nuts, flowers, berries, seeds, and branches as trimmings is a classic element of autumn home decor. Creating a centrepiece or tablescape for your dinner table or a seasonally-appropriate background for your virtual Thanksgiving using these items is a simple way to add beauty to your Thanksgiving experience

      @jogalbraithathome recently shared a beautiful arrangement picked from her yard:

      View full post on Instagram

      Looking for something a little less traditional? We love how @mynameisrasha incorporated pastel colours into her Thanksgiving tablescape while still keeping true to the season:

      View full post on Instagram

      Whether you collect them from your yard, a garden centre, flower shop, home decor store, or opt to use faux materials for aesthetic (or cleanliness) reasons, consider adding these items to your arrangements:

      • Acorns
      • Branches (PRO TIP: dogwood is especially good for this purpose because of its beautiful red tone)
      • Dried plants such as wheat and grasses, inspired by @olgas_rusticrental:

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      • Pumpkins, gourds and squash
      • Fall foliage
      • Feathers

      Floral & natural accents

      There is nothing quite so soothing and pleasant to the eye as greenery—especially as the seasons change and the lush green of summer fades into the bright reds and yellows of fall. Though typically associated with winter or summer decor, you can incorporate cut or live plants and flowers in your dining experience or home during any season.

      There are several types of greenery you can add to update your Thanksgiving decor in addition to the traditional pumpkin and gourd arrangements, such as:

      View full post on Instagram

      View full post on Instagram

      Keep the natural theme going by using a beautiful wood vase to display your cut arrangements:


      Shop our collection of modern vases


      Ceramics and pottery lend a certain rustic earthiness to a home, and they look great year-round. Reminiscent of a time when harvest season was something we all participated in, incorporating some clay works into your Thanksgiving decor is a great way to make your home feel more inviting, whether it’s a traditional earthenware water pitcher or plates that are more trendy and up-to-date.

      • Blue and white pottery
      • Neutral toned drink pitchers
      • Dark glazes, inspired by @withtheprinces:

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      Get the look for yourself with these vases:


      Shop our collection of modern vases

      Dinner decor for a different kind of Thanksgiving

      In spite of this year’s difficulties, there is something soothing about turning to our usual traditions and embracing them in new ways. While you may not be having a 20 lb turkey or tofurkey dinner this year, with a few easy decorations, you can still create a beautiful Thanksgiving dining experience for your family bubble, your housemates, or even just for yourself.

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