8 Refreshing Spring Decorating Ideas for 2021

Buds are in bloom. Plants are starting to green and grow. It’s time to throw open the windows and let in that refreshing spring air! Unless you’re a seasonal allergy sufferer, then definitely do not do that.

Whether spring means a fresh start or sneezing fits, it’s always a welcome change from winter, and it’s the perfect time to renew your home decor. We’ve curated some spring looks from our favourite Instagram accounts to help inspire the refreshening process:

1. Introduce a new element

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As Lita from @CraveInteriors demonstrates, switching out your rug (or artwork, table lamps, and houseplants) is a great way to refresh the look of your home for spring. These pieces can really impact the atmosphere of the space, especially larger items that will make a big difference in the overall colour scheme.

Recreate the look:

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2. A spring-inspired colour palette

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With spring comes the promise of the lush greenery of summer. Capture spring’s more muted tones by combining spurts of green combined with fall’s browns and greys. The natural colour palette beautifully demonstrated in this post from @Boneill_athome creates a calming environment and can help you lay the foundations for a bolder look next season.

Recreate the look:

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3. Fresh cut flowers

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Nothing heralds the coming of spring and helps reinvigorate your home like fresh-cut flowers, and no flower says spring like early bloomers such as tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths. Seen here in this post from , a simple bouquet of pink tulips adds a pop of colour to this beautiful spring-ready kitchen featuring light blues, whites, and coppers. Don’t be afraid to add more bouquets if you feel so inclined, or to introduce a table lamp into your kitchen for more focused task lighting!

If you’re concerned about the longevity of cut flowers, consider investing in some believable fake flowers that you can put away and reuse each year.

Recreate the look: 

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4. Reflect light with mirrors

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By the time spring rolls around, most of us are desperate for daylight. Unless you have a lot of windows, natural lighting can be hard to add to your home. Thankfully, there is a simple solution demonstrated perfectly here by @GiaccoDecor: mirrors not only create the illusion of space, they are also a simple way to introduce more light by reflecting it back into the room.

If you need even more lighting than mirrors and windows can offer, consider adding some new light fixtures to your room. Browse our new lighting arrivals.

Recreate the look:

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5. Sandy shades and lake tones

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It might still be cold on the beach, but just because you wouldn’t dare test the waters right now doesn’t mean you can’t dip your toe into its aesthetic. In this post from @NewViewDesignsInc, sandy beiges and ocean blues create a calming home space that’s perfect for spring and promises to transition seamlessly into summer. We love the use of blue glass lamps and vases throughout the space to tie in the artwork, rug, and pillows.

Recreate and build on this look:

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6. Light-coloured natural materials

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We adore the use of white walls, sand coloured seating, and dark wood furniture pieces in this fresh space from @StyleItPrettyHome. The textured, braided rug builds on the natural Scandi look, and the minimalist chandelier, decorative wood pieces and pottery, house plants, and artwork really make the space feel cohesive.

Recreate the look:

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7. Lamps with texture

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Nothing says spring like the Sora pendant like @houseofsixinteriors has incorporated here—reminiscent of a bird’s nest, this lamp adds texture and lightness (in addition to light) to a room. Combined with striped pillows and wood furniture, the bright window, combination of cut and dried flowers, beige and brown palette, and sand tones build on the spring atmosphere of this delightful room.

Recreate the look:

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8. Fresh paint and linens

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Nothing refreshes a room like a fresh coat of paint. This space from @AudreyCrispInteriors shows off the beachy colour combination of light ocean blue & white accented with natural materials in the shades, bedside table, and bed linens to create a calming, spring-like atmosphere. The layered rugs also help create a cozy, cottage-y feel, while the brass light fixture adds a touch of old-fashioned charm.

Learn more about layering rugs in our guide on How to Choose the Right Rug for Your Space.

Recreate the look:

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Helping your home blossom

If the switch to spring is taking longer than expected in your home, we hope these inspirational and aspirational Instagram faves have given you some ideas for how to refresh your home this season, such as:

  1. Introducing a new decor element
  2. Reconfiguring the colour palette with a spring theme
  3. Adding some fresh cut flowers
  4. Utilizing mirrors to add more natural light
  5. Using lakeside or beach colours
  6. Unique lighting that adds interest
  7. Light spring fabrics and textures
  8. Fresh paint and linens

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