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    Modern Outdoor Dining

    Our modern outdoor dining collection is made up of unique pieces available in a range of natural and synthetic materials including wood, concrete, and metal that are safe to expose to the elements. From modern outdoor dining chairs and benches to bar carts and outdoor wall sconces, you'll find the perfect modern dining pieces for your outdoor living space.

    17 products
    White Blue Grey
    Lanai Outdoor Dining Chair
    Conche Bar Cart
    Farrow Outdoor Dining Chair (Set of Two)
    Guyana Outdoor Extension Dining Table
    Natural Mocha Off-White Frame Only/ No Cushion
    Jack Outdoor Dining Chair
    from $1,539.00
    Teak Bok Outdoor Bench
    from $1,430.00
    Jack Outdoor Dining Table
    from $4,649.00
    Mikado Outdoor Dining Table | Rectangle
    from $5,129.00
    Rocka Bench
    Lochlan Outdoor Dining Armchair
    Perry Outdoor Bar Cart
    Black Teak Natural Teak
    Teak Bok Outdoor Dining Table
    from $3,369.00
    Rocka Dining Table
    Teak Outdoor Bok Dining Chair
    Teak EX1 Outdoor Dining Chair
    Natural Drift Brown
    Cali Outdoor Dining Chair
    Teak Outdoor Circle Dining Table
    from $4,889.00