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    Modern Outdoor Living

    From bar carts and tables to seating, lighting, and planters, our modern outdoor living collection includes everything you need to transform your outdoor space. Browse our collection and discover furniture and accessories for modern outdoor living in a variety of styles and finishes, including concrete, wood, glass, woven textures, and more.

    35 products
    Logan Side Table | Black
    Logan Side Table | White
    Sian Outdoor Stool
    Gahan End Table | Black
    Taomi Accent Table | Black
    Tomo Outdoor Coffee Table
    Conche Bar Cart
    Jack Outdoor 2-Seater Sofa | Off-White
    Jack Outdoor Lounge Chair | Off-White
    Cayman Outdoor End Table | Grey
    Teak Teak Black
    Quatro Outdoor Coffee Table | Large
    from $2,089.00
    Teak Teak Black
    Quatro Outdoor Coffee Table | Small
    from $1,299.00
    Off-White Mocha Natural Off-White Thin Cushion +2
    Jack Outdoor Adjustable Lounger
    from $5,208.00
    Teak Bok Outdoor Bench
    from $1,430.00
    Teak Teak Black
    Jack Outdoor Coffee Table
    from $1,609.00
    Mikado Outdoor Dining Table | Rectangle
    from $5,129.00
    Perry Outdoor Bar Cart
    Bryer End Table
    Rain Cover Jack Outdoor 2-Seater Sofa
    Jack Outdoor 3-Seater Sofa | Mocha
    Jack Outdoor 3-Seater Sofa | Off-White
    Jack Outdoor 2-Seater Sofa | Mocha
    Jack Outdoor Lounge Chair | Mocha
    Ecuador Round Planter
    Dagon Sculpture Planter | White Terrazzo
    Dagon Sculpture Planter | Grey Concrete
    Malawi Outdoor Lounge Chair
    Malawi Outdoor Sofa
    Malta Outdoor Lounge Chair
    Gahan End Table | Marble Look
    Costa Outdoor Lounge Chair
    Cayman Outdoor End Table | White
    Cali Outdoor Lounge Chair
    Bali Outdoor Lounge Chair | Natural Regency White
    Bali Outdoor Lounge Chair | Charcoal Gracebay Grey