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    Modern Bowls and Trays

    Our modern bowls and trays collection features a selection of fun and functional snack bowls, plates, cutting boards, charcuterie planks, trivets, and serving trays. Contemporary and stylish, our selection of modern bowls and trays are available in an array of materials, patterns, and finishes.

    82 products
    Industrial Vintage Bowl
    from $50.00
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    Majestic Vintage Bowl
    Alora Tray
    Sale price $135.00 Regular price $175.00 Save 23%
    Orange Marron Green Blue
    Indi Bowl
    Wooden Dough Bowl
    from $40.00
    Snack Bowl | Small Brown
    Koena Tray
    from $60.00
    Lito Black Woven Metal Round Serving Trays
    from $110.00 Regular price $166.00 Save 34%
    Rustic Plank
    Sold Out
    Ingrid Wooden Riser
    Vintage Grey Crock Vase
    from $14.00
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    Raffi Tray I Small
    Rattan Tray | Small
    Sale price $45.00 Regular price $80.00 Save 44%
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    Villa Wooden Footed Tray
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    Goldshine Tray
    Raymond Tray
    from $35.00
    Maggy Mango Wood Tray
    Charcuterie Board | Walnut
    Black Espresso
    Organic Mango Wood Trays
    from $50.00
    Snack Bowl | Large
    Golden Clam Bowl
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    Braided Scallop Edged Tray
    from $110.00
    Acacia Wood Bowl
    Haili Seagrass Tray
    from $55.00
    Industrial Vintage Plate | Black
    from $45.00
    Curio Footed Bowl
    Classic Footed Tray | Light
    Sold Out
    Teardrop Bowl
    Braided Scallop Edged Bowl
    from $55.00
    Etna Bowl
    Double Cheese Board
    Abaca Square Tray
    from $65.00
    Charcuterie Plank | White
    Sale price $100.00 Regular price $195.00 Save 49%
    Woven Seagrass Tray
    Sold Out
    Dough Bowl | Natural
    Rosie Stoneware Fluted Plate
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    Round Marble Tray
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    Paper Mache Ribbed Ecru Vase
    Stoneware Colander
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    Valor Bowl | Taupe