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    Modern Dining Chairs

    From traditional Windsor chairs to updated mid-century modern styles, our modern dining chairs collection features a selection of unique dining chairs to suit your space. Many pieces are available in a wide range of fabrics and finishes, including wood, metal, upholstered, leather, and foldable dining chairs. Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us to inquire about custom dining furniture.

    141 products
    Bradford Dining Chair (Set of 2)
    Meadow Dining Chair
    Jemmie Dining Chair
    Bonita Dining Chair | Natural (Set of 2)
    Bonita Dining Chair | Black (Set of 2)
    Landon Slipcovered Dining Chair
    Mavery Dining Chair
    Faunal Dining Chair
    Ojai Dining Chair
    Enya Dining Chair
    Cloud Dining Chair | Bergamo Charcoal
    Natural Walnut Black
    Monte Dining Chair (Set of 2)
    Heather Dining Chair
    Sale price $260.00 Regular price $430.00 Save 40%
    Napoli Dining Armchair
    Sale price $450.00 Regular price $750.00 Save 40%
    Diva Chair
    Sale price $385.00 Regular price $640.00 Save 40%
    Glenneth Dining Armchair
    Briar Dining Armchair
    Rozen Dining Armchair
    Viktoria Dining Armchair
    Xander Dining Armchair
    Brussels Natural Brussels Coffee
    Monet Dining Chair
    Brussels Natural Brussels Coffee
    Bridgett Dining Armchair
    Smoked Oak Light Carbon
    Gleeson Dining Armchair
    Lochlan Outdoor Dining Armchair
    Gretel Dining Chair
    Corben Dining Armchair
    Stonewash Grey Distressed Brown Waxed Black
    Watson Dining Chair
    Morgyn Dining Arm Chair
    Cane Dining Chair Oyster Linen | Natural (Set of 2)
    Revel Dining Chair (Set of 2)
    Chute Dining Chair (Set of 2)
    Tan Dark Green
    Aleeya Dining Chair (Set of 2)
    Venessa Dining Chair
    Tan Black
    Reza Dining Chair
    Audrey Dining Corner Chair
    Raymond Dining Armchair
    Audrey Dining Chair And A Half
    Franklin Dining Chair | Winchester Beige
    Brezny Dining Chair
    Becks Dining Chair