Modern Outdoor Lighting

133 products

    Our modern outdoor lighting collection features a variety of modern and vintage-inspired shapes, styles, and sizes ranging from 4"-58". These outdoor- and wet-rated outdoor lamps, pendants, and sconces are offered in an array of materials, including glass, metal, and acrylic. Many pieces are available in multiple sizes and finishes. Dark-sky compliant fixtures are also available.
    133 products
    Warren Wall Lantern | Large
    Warren Wall Lantern | Medium
    Warren Wall Lantern | Small
    Antique Bronze Painted Distressed Brass
    Wellsworth Wall Lantern
    Antique Bronze Black
    Wilburn Wall Lantern | Large
    Antique Bronze Black
    Wilburn Wall Lantern | Medium
    Antique Bronze Black
    Wilburn Wall Lantern | Small
    Wisteria Pendant | Medium Weathered Zinc
    Wisteria Pendant | Small Weathered Zinc
    Wisteria Wall Sconce | Weathered Zinc
    Zephyr Large | Textured Black
    Zephyr Pendant | Textured Black
    Zephyr Small | Textured Black