6 Steps to Create A Functional & Beautiful Home Office

With our shop being closed, the Modern Komfort team is working from home and we’ve been thinking about ways to create functional and beautiful home office spaces to make the days a little brighter.

For some of us, a home office means a completely separate space, dedicated only to working, and for others, a home office means setting up in the dining room or tucking into a small corner of the spare bedroom. Regardless of what your situation is, a home office should work for you and your personal situation. 

Creating a functional space that motivates and inspires us is key. Sometimes we just need a few simple tips and some inspiration. We have broken down the design stages in small steps to help you bring your space together. 

Step one: Select the right desk that is practical in size to fit the space, functional for your everyday tasks, and beautiful to create a welcoming feel. The Alvin desk pictured below is sophisticated, yet warm and functional. 

Step two: Choose a chair that flows well with the colour and tone of the desk without being too “matchy” or washing the other element out. Selecting a chair is a personal preference, some prefer a swivel, but if you don't plan to move from one space to another in your home office, it may not be necessary. If you have neck or shoulder tension, having an arm chair can really help! We love the warmth of the Bedford Armchair and the arm rest is a perfect height for most. 

Step three: Working is much more enjoyable when we have the right lighting, and if you are able to set up a space with natural light, even better. Look around your space and determine where most of the lighting should be coming from to help illuminate your space for better concentration. Adding desk lamps, and possibly a floor lamp can help with your evening work. Whatever you choose, ensure it flows with your previous furniture choices. Here are some of our top picks: 




Step four:
 The most creative and fun step of the design process is selecting art. Art pieces make the space, your space! Art can be meaningful, and tends to represent who you are, or what makes you happy. Select art that you enjoy looking at every day, and can calm you in times of stress, or simply bring a smile to your face. It doesn't always have to be framed art, you can also use wall baskets, or other elements so get creative. Here are some of our favourites:





Step five: One of the most challenging components of setting up the home office is selecting a rug that will flow with the rest of the furniture, so we always recommend saving the rug for last. A rug really ties all the loose ends together when designing a space and can bring warmth and softness to the space. Before looking at different patterns etc. measure out your space! After you measure, think about what types of patterns or textures that will work with the style of the other pieces. Our Shay rugs are the perfect office addition, adding warmth and color, but with no pile they are still easy to clean and move your chair.

Step six: Lastly, add any décor elements in the space to give some depth and character. Décor elements may include vases, plants, ladders, candles, or pillows. Do a quick scan of the room and you should notice which parts need more accent pieces to make the space come together as one. We love adding some greenery, an inspirational coffee table book, and candles to set the mood for a days work. 

Watching your space come together has to be one of the most rewarding, and visually appealing design experiences. Remember to have fun with the process -once you are finished you get to enjoy a fresh new space to get work done. And if you need help, please reach out! Our team would love to hear from you. 


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