Peel & Stick Wallpaper: What You Need To Know

Our team member rolled up her sleeves and took on this fun accent wall project. Below is an account of her experience with our Peel & Stick Wallpaper:

Deciding on anything design, or decor related can sometimes be overwhelming, and wallpaper is no exception! Even the peel & stick versions can seem a little scary. Hopefully this post makes the task seem less daunting, answers some questions, and helps you to get started.

First of all, I need to let you in on a little secret... I have never applied wallpaper before... but this experience was 100% simple and has made a big statement in my home. Now that I have my patterned wallpaper up, it has given me a starting point for the room and makes it easier to choose the other items for the room. 

Wallpaper can act as a focal point within a room. It often covers the majority of the surface, and is usually one of the first concepts guests will notice!

At Modern Komfort, we offer over 40 different patterns, with samples available to borrow in store, along with a wide variety of options on our website. All of our wallpaper is peel and stick and our patterns include geometric shapes, dots, chevron, terrazzo, plant/succulents, grid formations, and our personal favourite, the "ombre" fading design. 

Wallpaper is certainly on trend at the moment and we don't see any signs of it disappearing any time soon. However, in case you still have doubts, the peel and stick variety is ideal because it can literally be used over and over. If you put it up and get tired of it in a year, you can give it a new life in a different space.

Steps of application:
Wallpaper is weightless, timeless, cost-effective, and most of all it leaves a dramatic affect when redesigning your space! The steps to apply the wallpaper are quite simple, but you must take your time, so each sheet is aligned perfectly resulting in perfect placement and an elevated space.

Step 1: Before splurging on wallpaper, measure the surface you which to cover to
ensure you have the correct amount of paper (you could even purchase an extra roll for backup). You can either buy in separate panels or custom ship it with the entire wall’s dimensions. This way, even if your space isn't perfectly straight, you won't run into a shortage problem. HOT TIP: Please don’t assume your ceiling is perfectly straight. You may have to make adjustments at the bottom.

Step 2: Ensure the surface you plan to wallpaper is clean, smooth and dry for the best possible results!

Step 3: Carefully remove the backing about 5 inches so the sticky surface is exposed and ready to apply. 

Step 4: Take the top corner of the wallpaper and start to press and smooth the surface out slowly making your way down to the bottom, and from the centre to the outer edges. I used my hands to smooth the surface, but you can also you a soft cloth. Go VERY SLOW! And I would remove the backing as your go down the wall, NOT all at once. I worked left to right and top to bottom. As you remove the backing, try your best to remove any air bubbles or creases with your hands. HOT TIP: Make sure your patterns match up. I mean, this kind of goes without saying, but it's an important point.  

Step 5: If needed, cut around the edges of the wall with an exacto knife to ensure the wallpaper fits the surface correctly. It was so easy, like cutting butter so again,  take your time. 

Step 6: Repeat previous steps for each panel if you have not ordered in one full custom piece - I ordered 5 - 2’ x 4’ panels.

Have fun & enjoy : )


“May your walls know joy; may every room hold laughter and every window open to a great possibility” - Maryanne Radmacher-Hershey

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