Swedish Sponge Cloths And Why They Are Amazing!

Who knew that going from one kid to two would increase the amount of time spent in the kitchen by about a million? I honestly didn't think of all of the extra cooking and meal prep I would be doing with one in school and a new baby starting to eat solids. Being in the kitchen more often also means spending increased time dreaming about all sorts of trendy makeovers I'd love to do (one of them being the outdated countertop and island). While those big changes will come eventually, they are expensive, take a lot of planning, and mean that we need to be out of our kitchen for longer than I can imagine possible at this stage.

In the meantime, I've made some simple and inexpensive changes that are satisfying my inner desire for a large-scale makeover. Adding a few new funky tea towels over the cupboard hardware, and a some bright flower pots from Anthropologie on the window sill, have made a big difference to my kitchen time enjoyment.

However, the best and most inexpensive change I've made to date is switching out my old dish cloths with our Swedish sponge cloths. These little things are amazing, and here's why:

  • they are eco-friendly and made from 100% bio-degradable cellulose, so they are compostable!
  • they are quick-drying and when they do dry they go back to a hard cloth that once again looks super rad;
  • being naturally anti-bacterial, they are great for those of us who are clean freaks and don't want germs in our kitchen;
  • they make sweet gifts at a great price point of $12 for a set of 2, and some of the designs even have matching dish towels available;
  • they are gentle enough to use on virtually any surface in the kitchen, including granite, stainless steel, laminate and glass.
  • the best part is that they come in all sorts of designs that actually look super cool on your counter.


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