Modern Thanksgiving Decor to Inspire your Family Celebrations

Whether you are celebrating North or South of the Canadian border, Thanksgiving is going to look very different in 2020. Traditionally a time of travel and togetherness, this year we will all have to celebrate and share thanks from a distance at a time when some of us may not be feeling all that thankful. But unusual circumstances don’t mean you have to bid farewell to all of your favourite holiday traditions!

Spending quality time with family (online or in person) and embellishing our homes with seasonal decor are two of our favourite ways to embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving and inspire some much-needed joy. This year, instead of the usual Thanksgiving smorgasbord for 20, small gatherings with your immediate household or Zoom dinners may be the norm, and taking the time to set the perfect scene for your virtual gathering or create a welcoming space for your immediate family can go a long way to adding a sense of cheer to this unconventional season.

Regardless of how you plan to come together this year, Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to dress up your home with some simple seasonally-appropriate decor. To help you set the scene, we’ve compiled some of our favourite Thanksgiving decor inspiration. Take a look:

Lighting to set the mood

The soft light of a candle or lantern helps to create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere—something we are all craving this year. These lanterns will look great on your table, mantle, or anywhere in your home. For some Thanksgiving vibes, try nestling candle-lit lanterns amongst your other Thanksgiving or autumn decor, then switch up your seasonal decor when the snow starts to fly to create a wintery scene for the holidays.


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While low lighting will create a nice ambience for intimate family gatherings, if you are video conferencing over dinner, make sure you incorporate enough lighting for your virtual guests to clearly see you. Some overhead lighting in addition to your candles and lanterns should be sufficient.

Traditional fall accents

Bringing the outdoors into your home by using leaves, nuts, flowers, berries, seeds, and branches as trimmings is a classic element of autumn home decor. Creating a centrepiece or tablescape for your dinner table or a seasonally-appropriate background for your virtual Thanksgiving using these items is a simple way to add beauty to your Thanksgiving experience

@jogalbraithathome recently shared a beautiful arrangement picked from her yard:

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Looking for something a little less traditional? We love how @mynameisrasha incorporated pastel colours into her Thanksgiving tablescape while still keeping true to the season:

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Whether you collect them from your yard, a garden centre, flower shop, home decor store, or opt to use faux materials for aesthetic (or cleanliness) reasons, consider adding these items to your arrangements:

  • Acorns
  • Branches (PRO TIP: dogwood is especially good for this purpose because of its beautiful red tone)
  • Dried plants such as wheat and grasses, inspired by @olgas_rusticrental:

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  • Pumpkins, gourds and squash
  • Fall foliage
  • Feathers

Floral & natural accents

There is nothing quite so soothing and pleasant to the eye as greenery—especially as the seasons change and the lush green of summer fades into the bright reds and yellows of fall. Though typically associated with winter or summer decor, you can incorporate cut or live plants and flowers in your dining experience or home during any season.

There are several types of greenery you can add to update your Thanksgiving decor in addition to the traditional pumpkin and gourd arrangements, such as:

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Keep the natural theme going by using a beautiful wood vase to display your cut arrangements:


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Ceramics and pottery lend a certain rustic earthiness to a home, and they look great year-round. Reminiscent of a time when harvest season was something we all participated in, incorporating some clay works into your Thanksgiving decor is a great way to make your home feel more inviting, whether it’s a traditional earthenware water pitcher or plates that are more trendy and up-to-date.

  • Blue and white pottery
  • Neutral toned drink pitchers
  • Dark glazes, inspired by @withtheprinces:

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Get the look for yourself with these vases:


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Dinner decor for a different kind of Thanksgiving

In spite of this year’s difficulties, there is something soothing about turning to our usual traditions and embracing them in new ways. While you may not be having a 20 lb turkey or tofurkey dinner this year, with a few easy decorations, you can still create a beautiful Thanksgiving dining experience for your family bubble, your housemates, or even just for yourself.

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