Color Trends in Home Decor 2019

Color Trends in Home Decor 2019

At Modern Komfort we are in the business of helping to create beautiful spaces! And while figuring out current home décor trends can be daunting, as well-known designer, Jonathan Adler says, “Nothing is ‘out,’ nothing is bad – it’s just a lot of options. Think of trends like a salad bar; you can pick and choose to create your personal style.”  We love this outlook, because let’s face it, who’s changing up their home décor every time there is a new trend! 

While knowing all the current home décor trends is helpful in choosing paint colours, furnishings and accessories, know also that choosing elements you love, in the colors you love, is the most important part of creating a home.

It’s not always necessary to make big changes to create big impact. When changing out tile, flooring, countertops, etc. is not realistic, yet you are still craving a change, simply updating your movable elements like armchairs, art, rugs, or even just changing out the accessories to add more of the colour and style you love, can give your space a whole new look and feel, and satisfy your desire for change.

We've looked around at paint companies colour forecasts for 2019, along with news from our favourite design bloggers, and we have put together this list to help you navigate what's new in 2019. 

Gray: Benjamin Moore’s 2019 colour of the year is Metropolitan AF-690. This choice is interesting because it indicates that although gray has been a very popular colour for the last ten years, it is still desirable as a main neutral backdrop for homeowners and it is warming up. Gray is still a wonderful backdrop to some of the brighter and cleaner colours we are seeing such as blues, oranges and pinks. We love what @kismet_house did with our Modernity grey upholstered bed. It has a warm, calming feeling in this room, paired with wood touches and pastel pink.

Blue: The colour blue is considered the first colour choice for the majority of people in the world and a personal favourite for the Modern Komfort staff, so we are happy to see it is still going strong and that there are no signs of it disappearing as a top colour in the world of design. In fact, we view blue as a trending classic.

Behr’s 2019 colour of the year is Blueprint S470-5. This is a mellow blue with a hint of green. While strong saturated blues are still very much on trend, including indigo and navy, we are also seeing softened and dustier hues including denim (a hot new hue!!) and powder blues making their way into our homes. Our patterned indigo mudcloth pillows are a simple way to add a touch of blue to your space, while our Athens Rug pairs different blues which makes it easy to style other existing pieces with.



Like blue, green is becoming very popular and whether décor or fashion, it is popping up everywhere. Green colours help us feel calm and rested – have you noticed that house plants are everywhere now?  

Dulux’s 2019 colour of the year is Night Watch, a deep forest green. This colour takes us back to the 80’s and 90’s but today’s forest greens are not the same. The new dark greens are greyer and moodier and pair beautifully with brass and blush pinks. In fact, all shades of dark and dramatic greens are trending.

A simple way to add green to your space is with greenery such as plants, throw blankets, smaller accessories. For a bigger statement, the Algonquin Arm Chair in Emerald Green is a perfect choice. 




Blush Pink (or is it Peach?): We are happy that blush pink is still going strong, however, 2019’s pink is softer, tawnier and muddier then the fresh shades of Millennial pink which have been around for a few years.

Peachy pink tones are showing up in smaller home décor items such as pillows and we are seeing peach sofas from top designers. Because peach hasn’t been around since the 1980’s it is looking fresh and new! It also signifies that interiors are warming up. A great way to update your grays and blues is to add peach or pink! 

Big lush florals are trending right now! Many of them have rich jewel tones and a range of greens and pinks. These florals also work beautifully with other patterns including stripes and checks. A multi-coloured pattern can be so useful in a room and a great way to figure out your colour palette.



Cognac Leather: Cognac Leather is everywhere right now and we can see why! This warm shade has been around for decades and is considered a timeless classic – our favourite type of décor. A colour combo we are loving is denim blue and cognac. Cognac pairs perfectly with warm wood tones also. 






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