3 Easy Ways to Add Warmth & Comfort to Your Home This Fall

Whether you’re wishing this past summer a fond farewell or goodbye and good-riddance, the transition to a new season always brings its own comforts and complaints. Welcome or not, changes in daylight and weather prompt transformations in our gardens, routines, wardrobes, and attitudes—and, of course, our homes. 

Switching up your home accents is an easy way to embrace these changes and fortify yourself against the coming autumn by adding some much-needed warmth and comfort to your indoor spaces. Simple changes that are easy to swap out in winter and again in spring or summer can quickly refresh the look of a home you have been spending more time in than usual. 

It may not be time to go full-hygge, but it’s certainly time to start incorporating cozy elements into your home in preparation for the darkening days and cooler temperatures. Here are 3 easy ways to embrace autumn in your home:

1. Bring the autumnal ambience indoors

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When you think of autumn indoors, what do you imagine? To us, it brings to mind both the rich and muted colours of golds, greys, reds, beiges, and browns, and the cozy textures of wools, knits, faux-furs, and plaid, all silhouetted against a window view of crisp wind in the leaves, the low golden sun, and grey skies. 

Transfer the energy of this magical season onto your walls with artwork that captures the autumnal motif:

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Candles and lanterns are a great way to bring warmth into your home, especially as the nights grow longer. Nothing inspires creativity and relaxation like the low light of a candle or a low-lumen LED lantern:

2. Add comfort on every level

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When it comes to decorating for the season, walls and tabletops tend to get all the attention. But, whether you’re a shoes-on or shoes-off kind of household, rugs can add to the welcoming feeling of a home and offer the added benefit of dampening sound—an essential quality as we all continue to adjust to the reality of working and learning from home. 

A beautiful, traditionally crafted rug with an autumnal colour palette not only adds to a room’s overall aesthetic, it also protects your floors from scuffs and protects your feet from cold floors, especially once those temperatures start to dip.

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3. Layer in the warmth with throws and pillows

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Autumn is often associated with the best fashion the year has to offer. Our clothing choices are no longer dictated by how sweaty we’ll be when the sun peaks in the midday sky—instead, sweater weather brings the return of our favourite cozy boots, capes, and layers of luxurious materials. Thankfully, these materials aren’t just limited to adorning our bodies—they transition well to home decor as well.

For autumn-appropriate couch accoutrements, choose luxurious, soft materials to drape over yourself while you nap in the fading afternoon sun, cuddle on the couch during your favourite show, or sit through the incredibly long conference call someone booked much too late in the day. 

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Comfortable pillows that can support your head or your lower back, are an easy, impermanent way to refresh the atmosphere in your home and usher in a new season. Incorporate the colours featured in your blankets and artwork into your throw pillows and choose some fall motif prints to tie the whole look together:

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Embracing autumn at home

With many traditional fall activities on hold, we are all preparing to spend more time indoors this fall than in previous years. Instead of dreading the shorter days and cooler climes, observe the changing of the seasons and welcome them into your home. Making your space somewhere you enjoy spending time by incorporating little autumnal touches, adding warmth as the temperature drops and updating it continually is an easy way to keep your home from looking stale and yourself from feeling cooped up in an unchanging environment.

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