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Domino Wallpaper
Domino Wallpaper

Domino Wallpaper

$38.00 CAD

Peel, stick, and enjoy!

The perfect wallpaper serves as a foundation for decorating your space. This wallpaper brings to life the tone, personality, style, and colour palette of your room.

This high-quality wallpaper with the matte, textured finish of linen adds a polished touch to your decoration projects. This line of wallpaper is pre-pasted with glue that won’t damage walls or furniture, and it comes in 2’x4’ tiles that can be peeled and reused for up to six months for your decorating needs. Use the tiles to paper your walls, add a splash of colour to your furniture, or even decorate the risers of your stairs. And if you change your mind a month later and want to go for a different look, just peel and re-stick!

Calculate the number of tiles for your decoration project:

  • 10 feet wide x 8 feet high
  • 10 x 8 / 8 = 10
  • Equals 10 tiles 24’’ x 48’’

To confirm stock availability or to ask questions about this product please contact us